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Is a wife and successful work at home mom of 3. She is passionate about helping others to find their Freedom To Work At Home. "I feel that every mom and dad deserves the opportunity to be home with their family. Its my job to get the word out that there is a way to make it happen.".

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Can You REALLY Be Successful Working From Home?

This is something that many people think about before they start searching for the right home business.  I know this from my past experience as I myself had these same thoughts when I began my search.  I had the mentality that if a "Home Business" REALLY worked then everyone would work from home right?  Well, that's what I had thought anyway.

However, after years of working from home I have learned my lesson.  I have learned the answer to that question is a simple one.  Yes!  Every person CAN be successful working from home.  But ONLY if they choose to be and if they are consistent and persistent.  You see, many people are expecting a "get rich quick scheme" and when they don't see that money coming in within 30 days they jump ship and look for the other "next best thing".  Its sad but very true.

When you find the "right business" for YOU, then you need to give it time and you must understand that you will not find success overnight, you will not find a business tree sitting in your front yard.  You will actually have to work for the success you want to achieve.  However, given time, patience, practice and much effort on your part you can become extremely successful in the venture you choose.

I know this from my past.  I had began the greatest work from home business (In my eyes) and I sat around not really doing anything to build it.  I had tried to place blame elsewhere however I was the only person to blame.  Everything we do or do not do falls on us alone.  I was a person that didn't have the fantastic "sponsor" who was always there to help me.  In fact, she actually told me just 2 weeks after I joined that she had no time to train me.  So there I am, alone in a new business that I knew nothing about.

A decision was to be made.  I could either throw in the towel and call it "quits" saying I couldn't be successful because my sponsor wasn't there.  OR, I could dig in, get to work and train myself.  After all I believe I am a smart person so why couldn't I do this on my own?  Well, that's just what I did.  I began to work and then I realized something called an "upline".  These are other people above you that are also there to help you!  So, I wasn't alone after all.  I could have so easily given up in that one moment of doubt.  But I didn't and you shouldn't either if you want to be successful.

We will all have doubting moments, we will all have obstacles to overcome.  Its what you do in that moment that will determine your success or lack of success in what you are doing.  So find a way under, over, through or around any wall that is thrown your way and continue on to Finish Strong!


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