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What To Expect When Working From Home

As a National Sales Director with AmeriPlan® I have had the opportunity to work with and speak with many individuals over the past 4 years.  The majority of individuals who are seeking a work at home opportunity have no idea of what to expect in their search or what is expected of them once they begin their journey of work from home.

I know because I was a person that had no idea of what to expect and because of that I had a very slow start upon joining.  I believe its important for one to research what is out there so you can join in something you love and believe in.  You will have your success when you are passionate about what you are doing.  When searching for the perfect work at home opportunity for you there are some key points that you should look into before signing up with a company and individual with that company.

First we must understand the difference of a work at home job vs a work at home business.  A Home Based Business is a great way to build a residual income and it is yours so you are in charge of when you do and do not work, you are in charge of how much money you do or do not want to make  Most home based businesses or opportunities will have an initial start up cost and a monthly overhead cost or "quota" to stay active in the business.   Every business owner has monthly overhead costs because this is what it costs to keep your business open.  Its not different because your business is run out of your home.  Most home based businesses have a very low start up cost and monthly overhead cost.  With the average being from $50.00 to $150.00 to start up.

With a home job you will work at home and you will be "employed" by a company and you will most certainly have set hours that you must work.  In most cases a work at home job will require you to have a quiet background.  This is why a work at home job was not a good fit for me personally as I am a mom to 3 young kids and my oldest is Autistic.  My point of working from home was to keep my children out of daycare and many who have a work at home job continue to pay for daycare.  Unfortunately there are far more work at home scams that could end up costing you thousands.

So when you begin your search be sure sure to do some research.
For more Information: Scams to Look Out For, Legitimate Jobs from Home, Home Based Businesses

So once you've decided if a home based business or a home job is right for you, you'll need to understand what will be expected of you upon starting with the company or job of your choice.
  1. You will have a "sponsor" or "enroller".  This is the person who signed you up in your home based business and they will be your mentor.  This is why I believe its important for a person to first research before joining.  You want to join with a person you feel comfortable with and have a connection with.  You want to know your mentor will call you back when you leave a message.  It is very unfortunate but there are some people out there that do not give the help a person needs.  Again, I speak from past experience as I contacted my mentor 2 weeks after joining and was told she had no time to train me.  That has given me the passion I have today and has made me a better person for it.  Be sure you research and you are comfortable with whom you are joining with.
  2. You will need to understand that in choosing a home based business you will most likely have to purchase a start up kit.  This is an initial investment that contains brochures and marketing materials to help you begin your business.  There are some that do not require the purchase of a kit or it is an option for the individual who is joining.
  3. If you have chosen a home based business as the best fit for you then you'll want to educated yourself with the company and product or services you'll be offering.  It is important to know you are now the boss.  This doesn't mean you are alone in your business but you are in charge of your business.  You will need to pro-active in your business in asking questions and taking action.  You can not wait on anyone to build the business for you.
  4. Educate yourself on the company itself and what they allow of their distributors.  Each home based business will have policy and procedures their reps must abide by.  This will contain information on how you can or can not use the company name, abiding by the can-spam laws and your compensation with the company.  You need to read up on the companies do's and don'ts.
  5. Training is a huge thing and you want to be sure you are aware of all the training your mentor and team offer.  Many teams out there have their own training website and then others do not.  You will want to know exactly what your team offers by way of training.  The training you receive is what will help you to have greater success in working from home so you need to take advantage of it. 

When it comes to working from home you will need to be consistent, persistent, determined and active in the building stages of your business.  What this means is you'll want to set up a schedule for each week that you will work your new business and you'll want to keep in touch with your mentor and your teams training.  As I tell everyone that joins in my team...  "There is no magical business tree sitting in my front yard.  I have to work consistently each day so long as I want to be successful."  It is better to work hard for 4 years than to work harder for 40 years.

If you choose to start a home based business then you could build an income that will pay you for the rest of your life.  That is is the beauty of having a successful home based business.


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