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How To Work From Home and Stay Productive

While we all love the freedom and flexibility of working from home, sometimes the distractions of life can drive us nuts.  With getting your kids ready, the animals running around, getting laundry done, making sure the trash is out for the garbage man, family members calling and the TV going we can often times find ourselves putting our business on the backburner.

We need to first RELAX, you are not only person who is facing productivity issues in their business. People who are used to working outside the home with bosses, attending meetings and deadlines, it can be extremely difficult to adjust to working from home with complete control over how your day is spent.  It is nice to work when you want and relax when you want however it is very important to find the right balance and to minimize the distractions that will interfere with our working.

I wanted to share with you some of my favorite ways that I personally stay productive in my business yet still have the time to be with my family and have some fun!  We all have time management issues at time that can be disastrous so be sure to read up on productivity and time management tips and utilize the advice given below.

  1. Create a List ~  The best way for us to keep our focus is to have some structure in our day.  Yes we are the "BOSS" and we are in "CHARGE" but we want to be in charge of something great.  It is very easy to create your to do list and you can use programs like Microsot Outlook, sheet of paper, Blackberry or a virtual office.  Write down what you want to accomplish for the day, week and month.  Doing this will help keep you focused and on track.  When you complete something off your list you will feel a sense of accomplishment.  With setting your daily, weekly and monthly goals you will be able to track your growth as with each small accomplished goal you are brought that much closer to the accomplishment of your larger goals.
  2. Create a Work Schedule ~ To me this is a BIG one.  This could be a make or break for your business.  I know from past experience!  When I first began working from home I didn't have a schedule and my business went into "hobby mode".  Always remember that if you want to receive business results you must always work as a business.  Setting a schedule will help you to determine your "play time" vs your "work time".  We can waste a lot of time without a schedule  If you wake up in the morning and get your cup a java and sit down to check your email and surf a few blogs and then look at the clock to start working it might be lunch time.  You've then wasted your entire morning!  So, create your schedule of family, work, house, personal time, web surfing time.  Doing this you'll find your day is much more productive.
  3. Comfy non-distracted work place ~ The ideal work place would be an office with a door that could be shut.  Many people do not have that luxury though and so you will want to find a "quiet" corner in the den, spare bedroom or master suite.  This is the place you will call “your office”.  You will share with your family that when you are working your "schedule" and you are in "your office" you are there to work and are not to be distracted.  Your office should have a computer, phone and office chair.  You want to be able to relax a bit while you are on the phone talking business.  Not every person wants to sit and look at their computer while on the phone so if you can put up a pretty picture to look at it could help to relax you on the call.  In many instances a picture of a person or even a mirror will help you to give a better presentation.  You are able to "TALK To: an actual face that way.
  4. Set Limits ~ We like to do all that we can but we need to set limits for ourselves.  If we are used to always saying yes then we will become so busy in our business and our life that we don't have time to enjoy or live our life.  The reason why most of us choose to work from home is so we have extra time to spend with our family.  So, understand that its ok to say "no" and to set limits for yourself.  Figure out what is most important to your family and your business and those are what you will say "yes" to.
  5. Breaks are OK ~  With taking a break you will be able to rejuvenate and refresh your mind.  Once you've taken your break you'll be better prepared to get some work done.  If you take a 15 or 20 minute break you might want to take a brisk walk.  Not only will you get a break from working but you'll get some fresh air and some exercise.  Take care of yourself while you are taking care of your family and your business.  You can also take a 15 or 20 minute nap if your kids are at school or napping themselves.  You don't have to constantly be moving to be productive.  You will be able to get so much more done if you are refreshed and you've had a moment to clear your mind.
When working from home it is important to not only be persistent and consistent but also have self-discipline. 
Make the commitment.  That commitment MUST be to US!  When I first joined I didn't have the commitment, I was the person that was used to being told when to work and when to take off.  It took me 11 months to figure out that I needed time management and a schedule.

Another thing that helped me was to do first what I wanted to put off until last!  Get the harder things out of the way first because then everything else on your list will be easy. 

Have you ever read the book "Eat That Frog" by Brian Tracy?  If not I encourage you to pick up a copy because it will really help you.  Don't be a procrastinator!  Build your business for you and your family.  You chose to work at home for a reason and you are in CHARGE of your life and your future income so why not make the most of it!


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