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Is a wife and successful work at home mom of 3. She is passionate about helping others to find their Freedom To Work At Home. "I feel that every mom and dad deserves the opportunity to be home with their family. Its my job to get the word out that there is a way to make it happen.".

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Work From Home Suggestions

Whether you are looking to supplement your family's income, earn some extra spending money, or replace your current income, many people are currently searching for ways to make money at home.

There are many things one can do when it comes to working from home and you must choose what the best option for you is.  Are you looking for a home based business opportunity?  Are you looking for freelance writing or virtual assistant jobs?  Only you can determine what the best opportunity for you.

When you first begin your search for work at home it is important that you take time to research and talk with people.  If you are interested in a home based business in network marketing (my choice) then I highly suggest you look into the company you are interested in and then contact several individuals from that company to speak with them.  You want to in a sense interview them as they will be the person who trains you.  You want be comfortable in asking questions, you want to know they will be here for you long term.  If you are searching for a home job then I encourage you to look at several options and find what best fits your needs. 

When it comes to an at home job we need to understand there are normally certain qualifications one must meet.  In many cases the background must be quiet.  If you are a stay at home mom that might not be the best option for you.  There are others that might require you to work odd hours of the day.  However, there are companies out there like J. Crew, 1-800 Flowers, West and many others who hire people for a work from home opportunity to answer the inbound customer calls and product sales.  In these cases you may earn anywhere from $8.00 to $15.00 an hour depending on your level of experience.  You must be prepared however to work a minimum of 20 hours per week and some even work 40 to well over 60 hours each week. 

So, if you are looking for time freedom and the choice to work when you want and how you want then an at home job might not be for you and you might want to invest some time at looking into a home based business as they can be very rewarding financially.

In any case, you need to search yourself for some answers as to what it is you are looking for and then become active in a search that will allow you to be home when you want to.  

Here are some home based business opportunity's that  you can research and see if it's a good match for you.
Mary Kay

Here are some at home jobs for you to look into:  
West and Arise 
Virtual Assistant
Home Job Stop
Legit Online Jobs
Make Money Blogging
Working Solutions 
Accolade Support 
Customer Loyalty Concepts 


  1. Anonymous said...

    It Works is another great health and wellness company to work from home.

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  3. Jennifer Saksa said...

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    Being able to motivate yourself is critical for the work at home employee. In an office situation, you have a supervisor and co-workers who motivate you to complete your work but when you are working at home, you only have yourself to push you to succeed.

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